How to Combine Fashion and Home Essentials

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A fashionable live is one well lived, surrounded by style and elegance. Even shabby chic qualifies as fashion and, in fact, it was a long-time major trend in home décor. In days gone by, people changed their clothing fashions with the seasons. Now anything goes any time of the year. It is a matter of choice with ample options. There are few rules about colors for daytime and attire when out on the town. Jeans go day to night and you can where white shoes in the fall.

Meanwhile, we still care about what Parisians are wearing and the latest fashion hype in New York.  I love that the sky is the limit and the internet is your ticket to a front row seat for fashion week in Milan, Paris, New York or London.

If clothing isn’t your bag, you can be fashionable at home with furnishings, linens and accessories. What may come as a bit of a surprise is how trendy bathrooms have become from sink faucets to toilets. If you think a toilet can’t qualify, then take a look online at any buying guide. The modern styles are so amazing and sleek. One-piece units look like pieces of porcelain sculpture—until you pop up the lid, that is.

The curving lines of a toilet are graceful as they wrap around the solid base. The tank is just about gone in most cases and has been absorbed into a monolithic structure. The epitome of fashion is the way you can buy and match a toilet to the tub and sink, creating a uniform and pristine vision. Get a fancy chrome towel bar and some thick terry towels and there you are!

Apart from their stellar look, imagine what these revolutionary ceramic babies can do. They save water with their low-flush systems and clean themselves as needed. You can deodorize and apply disinfectant for a month at a time. Lids go up and down automatically and you can program the more sophisticated models to spray warm water at the end of your “visit” instead of using toilet paper. All in all, they are a new breed of appliance and the product of genius industrial engineering.

So, you can see that fashion is possible in every facet of your life from what you wear to your entire surroundings. No room is spared from the epithet, fashionable. You can even make your home office desk a bastion of style with a few tweaks. A hand-crafted planter and some super modern supplies (streamlined staplers and matching paper clip holders, etc.) do wonders for an ugly plastic surface.

Computers look better than ever even though that thoroughly elegant Apple Mac cube has gone by the wayside. And no more ugly industrial multi-line phones that no one uses. Workstations are lined in textured fabric in hot colors to brighten your day. You can’t fight it. Fashion is the way of the world so get on board.

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